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Meet Firefly & Fox

Norfolk County's Hometown Bookstore

FIrefly and Fox started out as a backyard conversation between friends a year ago, as the sun set and the fireflies came out. Desolated with the news of our town's Coles closing, we wondered...should we start a bookstore? Could we start a bookstore?

One year, many vivid dreams, and a heart full of hope later, we are about to open Norfolk County's hometown bookstore--a small store with a big heart and a little something for every reader. We specialize in Children's Books, Literary Fiction, and all things Local and Canadian, and if you don't see it on the shelves--just ask! We can order it in for you and might even deliver it to your door via bicycle. We also sell audiobooks through

Firefly & Fox is Catherine Wiebe (dreamer, booklover, in charge of celebrations) & Tim Fox (builder, encourager, steady rock), and their three little bookworms, Lucy, Beatrice, and Wilbur. We aspire to be a place where all are welcome, and where everyone can find their next favourite book.

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